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Career Highlights

I live to entertain and perform, putting my heart and soul into each project that I work on and always striving to build and diversify my portfolio. My artistic outputs result from a combination of my experiences, training, and a great deal of preparation. Contact me to learn more about my work.



The role of Charity Hope Valentine required immense physical, emotional, and vocal demand. All three disciplines were required to be on the same playing field in order to truly bring this role to life. I studied the character and actors who played her before me for months to help me prep mentally and physically. This role demanded everything of me and I gave it just that.

I had a blast playing such a dimensional character. I laughed, I cried, and loved every minute of this role on stage. The audience did too...often comparing me to Shirley McKlaine and said I posed a striking resemblance to her. I left my heart on the stage each night. This was the role of a lifetime!


Graziella was my first major role on stage. This character required much physical stamina with ballet, jumps, pirouettes, fast foot work, and partnering. One of my favorite numbers from the show was Riff's number in "Cool." I loved infusing my ballet background with this character and sharing this classic story with audiences alike.


Every performance is special. Contact me to learn more.

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