PLAY REVIEW /// ‘Sweet Charity’ by Cary Ginell ~ Camarillo Acorn Aug. 23, 2019

"Briana Bauer does a terrific job as Charity. In a red dress and tousled wig she bears more than a passing resemblance to Gwen Verdon, who created the role on Broadway.

Charity is on stage for nearly the entire show, and Bauer knows her well: a soft touch who is also a little soft in the head. Bauer’s fluid, limber dancing skills and endearing facial expressions tell you all you need to know about Charity’s eager, sweetly naive personality."



PLAY REVIEW /// ‘You Can't take it With You’ by Cary Ginell ~ Thousand Oaks Acorn Jan. 16th, 2020

"Briana Bauer, in reality a skilled dancer, does a magnificent job executing Essie’s clumsy moves in a delightfully ditzy way that is ingratiatingly adorable. Every move she makes is an attempt at being graceful, even when she elegantly cloaks dipsomaniac actress Gay Wellington..."




Briana is a graduate of California State University Northridge in Los Angeles, where she holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in Dance. Bauer currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her most recent roles include, Charity Hope Valentine in Sweet Charity, Velma in West Side Story and Mimi in Guys and Dolls.

Bauer comes from a classical ballet background where she studied under Master instructors, Patrick Frantz & Yuri Grigoriev. Briana continued her dance education at The University of Utah Ballet program where she rigorously trained for two years.

Briana's ballet training plays a pivotal part in her Musical Theater career and acts as the center attraction for her PowerPlacement company that realigns peoples' posture. Briana can't wait to continue her journey through the arts and help as many  people as she can, along the way, so they can feel amazing!



RAVE REVIEW /// 'West Side Story' by Devery Holmes ~ Director

"Briana is beauty in motion with extraordinary dancing skills that move us to our core. You simply can't take your eyes off her as her dance drives much of the emotion and passion of our West Side Story production. Briana is going to do amazing things in her career and we look forward to seeing where she goes from here!"


"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Christian D. Larson




Los Angeles, CA


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